Get Started - Alphanet

How to bridge test CAPS on Ternoa & Ethereum
Before using the Token Bridge on Alphanet, you will need to first get your Ternoa account imported in Polkadot{.js}. Once it's added to the Polkadot extension, you can claim Ternoa test CAPS and ETH test tokens.

First, get your Ternoa account on Polkadot{.js}

In order to interact with your Ternoa Wallet from your browser to any dApp, you need to get your Ternoa account imported in Polkadot{.js} browser extension.
Download the extension:
The Polkadot{.js} extension is not compatible on a mobile browser. To connect your wallet to the extension, you will need to be on a desktop browser.
Once installed, you can either import account from pre-existing seed from your Ternoa Wallet or connect your Substrate address from a hardware wallet.
If you have a Ternoa Wallet account, you can import your wallet directly on the extension. It will be necessary to have your wallet connected to validate transactions.
A video tutorial is available below:
How to Add Ternoa Wallet Address to Polkadot JS

Claim ETH test tokens & Ternoa test CAPS

To claim ETH test tokens, you will need to go to the Goerli Faucet. Goerli is an Ethereum test network that allows for blockchain development testing before deployment on Mainnet. We use Goerli to drive our tests for the Ethereum network.

Secure ETH test tokens on Goerli:

  1. 1.
    Go to the Goerli Faucet:
  2. 2.
    Create a free Alchemy account and select 'Signup for free'
  3. 3.
    Click 'Get started for free'
  4. 4.
    Enter your first name, last name, email and password
  5. 5.
    Sign in to your email to verify your account. You will be directed to select an ecosystem
  6. 6.
    Click 'Etherium' to get started
  7. 7.
    Enter a team name and app name, choose the Goerli network in the dropdown
  8. 8.
    Choose 'Free forever' plan
  9. 9.
    You can 'Skip for now' the payment info and referral
  10. 10.
    Continue past scaling policy and you will be directed to the Goerli Faucet homepage
  11. 11.
    Enter your wallet address, and hit 'Send Me ETH'
  12. 12.
    Check your wallet, you should have an additional 0.25 ETH

To claim Ternoa test CAPS on the Alphanet Faucet, follow these steps here.