Building on Ternoa

Benefits of building on Ternoa

Creating NFTs and building dApps on most blockchains is complex. Ternoa was designed to break barriers for developers, web3 enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs and empower them to save time and money. We believe mass adoption of NFTs is only possible with a fundamental tech evolution.

Ternoa has developed a range of tools to help user adoption: an explorer for users to monitor transactions, a status page to watch real-time status of Ternoa networks, a wallet to interact with native CAPS, NFTs, and dApps, and a Token bridge for ERC20 holders to swap their CAPS to native and use the blockchain. Additionally, Ternoa offers:

  • Very low transaction fees

  • Alphanet to test and Mainnet to deploy projects

  • Ternoa’s transaction speed is fast and can have up to 40,000 transactions per minute

  • Built using SDK javascript (very accessible and easy to build)

  • Future-proof, NFTs and dApps on Ternoa are built to be upgradeable and adaptable

  • No need for smart contracts

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