How to stake on Ternoa

Nominating validators and staking CAPS

To nominate validators & stake CAPS, follow the tutorial below:

You can nominate validators (also known as β€œstaking”) on Polkadot-JS UI using these steps:

  1. Go on the polkadot interface:

  2. Switch to Ternoa Network :

    1. Open the network list by clicking on the down arrow in the top menu

    2. Click "Live Networks" and select "Ternoa"

    3. To validate, click on the "Switch" button at the top of the sidebar

You are now connected to to the Ternoa network and can start staking CAPS following those steps:

  1. Create a Polkadot account if you don’t have one already

Please note it is recommended to create two accounts: one to use as the controller account and one to use as your stash account. Learn more about this here and in the video tutorial below.

Make sure you leave a small amount of CAPS transferrable in your stash account and that your controller has more than 1 CAPS in it. This is in order to have enough liquid funds for paying transaction fees when bonding and unbonding funds.

2. Go to the Polkadot-JS UI main page

3. Under the Network tab at the top click the Staking option

4. Click β€œAccount” tab (on top). It may take a while to load

5. Click the β€œ+ Nominator” button (top right)

6. Choose your Stash and Controller accounts

7. Select the amount you want to bond and the rewards destination and click "Next"

8. In the next screen select your validators

Please make sure you've read the article on how to select validators.

9. Once you're done, click β€œBond and Nominate”

10. Enter the password for your account and click "Sign & submit"

You can also follow this video tutorial:

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