Getting Started

Welcome to the Ternoa wiki, the hub for those interested in learning, building, or maintaining the Ternoa network. This documentation will provide you with everything you need to get started with Ternoa as a user or developer.

What is Ternoa?

​Ternoa is a layer 1 blockchain built on substrate and open source. Ternoa designs infrastructure to accelerate web3 development by making next-generation utility NFTs easy to build on our blockchain. The Ternoa ecosystem facilitates the adoption of utility NFTs by giving developers a full technological stack and access to independent infrastructure, nodes, developers’ communities, and funding.
Our Utility NFTs include:
  • Delegation
  • Renting
  • SoulBound
  • Royalties
  • Secret (coming soon)
  • Capsule (coming soon)


A step by step tutorial to start with Ternoa. Here you will learn everything with token CAPS management and get new experience with creation, minting and trading NFTs.


All you need to know to build dApps, interact with the Ternoa Blockchain and deploy your own Marketplace.


Review how to maintain the Ternoa network.
Last modified 1yr ago